Marcel Migchelsen

Markt 29 - Kerkrade
Tel. 045 545 30 98
Whatsapp 06-11 900 213

Porto €4. Vanaf €75 gratis verzending.
open dinsdag t/m vrijdag van 10.00 tot 17.45 uur
zaterdag van 10.00 tot 16.45 uur


Taxfree shopping for members of Afnorth
CD Juwelier is an AFNORTH/NATO authorized tax free shop.
CD Juwelier is a shop located in Kerkrade. That's a 15 minute drive from Brunssum.
Non-Dutch employees of AFNORTH (formerly AFCENT) can shop at CD Juwelier and get VAT refunded.
but contact me directly.
Whatsapp: 06-11 900 213
Telephone: 045-545 30 98
 CD Juwelier is an AFNORTH/NATO authorized shop
Since VAT is 21% on all our products usually you get a discount of 18.4% (100 divided by 121).
Only when you purchase a second hand piece of jewelry the tax (and discount) will be lower since VAT is only calculated over the margin and not the entire amount.
Exceptions are repairs and amounts lower then €46.
Kind regards, Marcel Migchelsen, owner of CD Juwelier.
Marcel is the owner of CD Juwelier and has 34 years of experience with taxfree shopping for Afcent
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